On Friday morning, Indians right-hander and Cy Young candidate Trevor Bauer took to Twitter and invited followers to give an AMA respondent “what he’s been begging for.”

AMA, of course, is an abbreviation for “Ask Me Anything”; it’s a common forum generator that allows celebrities or experts in a given field (or a combination of both, in Bauer’s case) to engage with followers and fans on a personal level. Although Reddit is the most common platform for this type of forum, Bauer invited users to engage with him via Twitter on the day of the All-Star Game.

The Innocent Beginning


Bauer’s AMA quickly resulted in some cool questions, including whether he hopes to finish his career in Cleveland, what he would do if he wasn’t a pitcher, and even whether or not he’s tested his spin rate in arduous weather conditions. The emergent Tribe ace sifted through his responses and answered dozens of questions. Then he got hit with this bomb from follower Zack Lessner just yesterday (over a week later).


Clearly provoked, it took Bauer (who’s already been involved in some Twitter controversy this season) less than an hour to respond to the loaded tweet.

Lessner then doubled down on his accusation, citing Bauer’s previous comments about former president Barack Obama’s birth origin and providing images of other past tweets as well.

Bauer then took a neutral stance, attempting to distance himself from any strong feelings about the subjects in question.

Bauer Declares War

With seemingly no desire to sleep, Lessner fired back as late as four in the morning. Then, when Bauer woke up the next day, he lost patience and discontinued his involvement in the debate. That doesn’t mean he ignored Lesser, however; quite the opposite actually. At 8:00am, Bauer turned the attention of his followers towards his critic and called for them to involve themselves in the conversation. There was a serious tone of condescension in Bauer’s words as he asked fans to “make this little boy’s day better”.

The Fans Weigh In

It didn’t take long for the replies to flood in. Many jumped to Bauer’s defense, or went on the immediate offensive to punish Lessner for his criticism; some using phrases like “libtard” to describe the 23-year-old Maryland native. Others scolded Bauer for giving so much credence to the situation, suggesting that he handled the situation poorly and should spend his time focusing on pitching. Others still defended Bauer from the aforementioned critics, suggesting that he’s clearly getting his pitching work done and should therefore be considered free to spend his free time however he wants. Here are just a few of the fan responses:

What do you think? Does questioning Obama’s birthplace warrant Bauer being called out for racism during a fan AMA? Or should this type of clearly pointed question/accusation been kept out of a forum that could have been better used for chatter about pitching? Should Bauer’s political views matter to fans at all? We want to hear your thoughts, so comment below or tweet at us (@alwaysthejake) to get involved in the discussion!