Carrasco Reveals Diagnosis in Interview

Well, we finally have our answer. It was revealed earlier this morning that Carlos Carrasco is battling Leukemia. Carrasco made the announcement himself during an interview with a Domican based news network.

Pardon my French, but… shit.

This is absolutely terrible news. It is also, however, not surprising.

When it was announced back in May that Carrasco would be heading to the IL to deal with an undisclosed blood condition, there was little mystery as to what this probably meant. Based on the reported symptoms and the generally morose reaction of his teammates, it was hard to fathom anything different.

Carlos  Carrasco

But still, to see the words scrolling through Twitter on a Saturday morning…

“Carlos Carrasco diagnosed with leukemia.”

Your heart can’t help but to shatter into a thousand little pieces.

On a positive note, Carrasco also stated that they have it under control. That’s the good news. Just what exactly that means, though… that’s open to interpretation because it could mean any number of things.

There are many different forms of Leukemia. Some of them are worse than others, but all of them are awful. As Carrasco goes through his treatment and hopefully successful recovery, he will need all of the positive vibes, good mojo, thoughts and prayers, or whatever it is you believe in. Cancer sucks.

Luckily for Carrasco, he has an excellent support system in place. He has his family. He has his teammates (Jason Kipnis walked him through the diagnosis over the phone). Not only that, he has us… the fans. Cookie will get through this and, fingers crossed, make a full recovery. Hopefully we’ll see him back on the mound, if not this year, but next.

Until then, the Indians Twitter hashtag of #RallyTogether has never felt more appropriate than it does right now.

Also… Fuck cancer.